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Sunday, February 14, 2010
Man Down! Man Down!

Not only are we dropping tempratures, ceilings, and hours devoted to sleep...

Ian lost another tooth!
This also coencided nicely with our scheduled visit to the dentist. We go to Dr. Chad Johnson. I grew up with Chad and the kids always like to play the game of how tall is Dr. Johnson. Like; is Dr. Johnson taller than the trees? Is Dr. Johnson taller than Cooper's dad...(Chad is tall). At the dentist they get to wear sunglasses and when they are done they get to pick a toy
from the treasure chest. This makes it all worth while:)

and the wildlife in our neighborhood is down by one...

Ya know those chunks of filthy snow that look like stalactites by the wheel well of your car? Well the other morning Todd was going to drop Ian off at school on his way to work. Randomly, I decided to walk Ian out and help him into the car. As he was walking around I noticed it looked like one of those massive chunks had fallen off - in the center of the driveway, under the truck. Hummm? I thought it was weird to have one in the middle of the drive, and when I looked a little closer it looked like it had rust. Well, our truck seems to be on falling to pieces anyway so I wondered if something had rusted out and fallen off. So I bent over and saw... it was a dead/frozen/rigor mortis squirrel - yuck! The only redeeming thing is that we are about 90% sure we did not cause its demise.

Hair is dropping too

OK!  So the boys' cuts are 'homemade.'  Whats the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one?
A.  2 Weeks;
or a hat.



Jens and I like to 'spike'-it-up a little


Cannon Bomb!!
Swim lessons are under way for the next 6 weeks.  The boys love it and Ian says he wishes he could have swim lessons everyday except Sunday.

And finally, youth has fallen by the wayside.  

So long 20's.  If tomorrow weren't a holiday, I could probably go down and stand in line to start collecting my social security.  At leaset I had a few people around me who were excited for me to have a birthday.  No doubt, they are thinking they are just another year closer to an inheritance...

All four of my fella's made and served me breakfast in bed.  I ate toast, eggs, bacon, blueberry muffins, and drank orange juice.  Uummmm MMMMMM!!!!  I also made out like a bandit with gifts.  Thanks for all the loot boys.  You are the best (especially Todd).  After helping to unwrap my gifts, Todd and the boys also tried them out to make sure they are safe for me to use.  So thoughtful. I love having a house full of boys.  They are the best.  

And BELIEVE IT, OR NOT... I really did have a great day.  I had delicious food.  I had many well wishers.  And got to spend it with friends and family.  I went hot tubbing, I watched the Olympics, and not once did a change a dirty diaper all day.  I could turn 30 again if only to have another day like that.

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