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Sunday, January 3, 2010
Another day, another injury
I made a new year's resolution to begin and maintain a blog for 2010 at the constant nagging  encouragement of others (Carine, Susan, and Stephanie...;).  But I wondered what I would write about.  Turns out we have had a couple just in the first two days of the new year.

1.  After a tossel between our two oldest, the result was Ian slamming Jens' finger in the door.  Since it was New Years' DAY all the doctors' offices and 'insta-care' offices were closed.  Thus we started off 2010 in the ER to see about some stitches for Jens finger.  We picked this hospital because one of our friends is a PA there in the ER.  Thanks Mandy...I'm sure this won't be the last time:)  Mandy declared no stitches (woot, woot) and just put some sterile strips on to hold the skin in place and we have been keeping it covered in massive amounts of gauze and tape to keep it from getting wet.  It makes picking his nose awkward, but necessity is the mother of invention, isn't it?  And as a side note, can I just add that it doesn't help that its on his middle finger.  No joke.

2.  Literally we can't stay out of trouble two days in a row.  Let me give a little background.  First, I can read a book in 2-3 days; so I generally check out several at a time.  Because I check out 4-5 books at a time, and let the kids each pick out 2-3 each we have a library bag that we keep those books in.  So, Saturday I asked Todd to return some books and movies to the lib. for me.  He asked me to set everything that needed to go back on the table so he would know what needed to go.  So I did.  I took out all the books I had read, and left the 1 book I had not finished and some books that my aunt and lent me, to see if I was interested in what she likes to read, in the yellow lib. bag that I always keep next to my bed.  Can you tell where this is going...  So, I am sure Todd was in a frazzel trying to load up the troops all on his own, and in trying to be helpful grabbed the bag of books by my bed AND the books and movies I had set out on the table, and returned them ALL to the library.  Yup, he returned the books my aunt owns /owned??? to the library.  Please note the title of the book Todd is reading in honor of this post.

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